Hat Making

Essential hat making techniques are taught along with practical tips to make your hats as contemporary or traditional as you desire. Once you learn these methods you will surprise yourself with your personal creative ability to make spectacular millinery.
Millinery Essentials Course
Regular price $600.00 AUD
Sinamay Brim Extensions Deluxe Course
$95.58 AUD
Wirework Bretons Deluxe Course
$102.06 AUD
Classic Buntal Brims Deluxe Course
$95.58 AUD
Leather Boater Hats Deluxe Course
$95.58 AUD
Saucer Buntal Hats Deluxe Course
$95.58 AUD
Crinolation Deluxe Course
$95.58 AUD
Fully Feathered Live Lesson
$40.00 AUD
A Rendezvous With Hats Course
Regular price $165.00 AUD
All About Felt Course
Regular price $260.00 AUD
Swiss Straw Course
Regular price $129.00 AUD
Handfelted Creations Course
Regular price $220.00 AUD
Contemporary Tailored Hats Deluxe Course
$95.06 AUD
Millinery Business Series: Foundations
$106.38 AUD
Foam Hat Blocks Deluxe Course
$95.58 AUD
Distressed Felt Hats Guest Course
$72.06 AUD