A Rendezvous With Hats Guest Tutor Course

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Master milliner and fashion journalist Diana Cavagnaro from San Diego USA, is excited to share all her hands on methods to create four different styles of headwear. Learn to make a tailored boater hat and an elegant picture hat based on buckram using flat pattern methods. Winter style is all about a comfortable felt hat made all in one using a flange brim block. Traditional hand stitching detail is outlined throughout the lessons. The Course is completed with a simple fascinator covered in fabric to co-ordinate with your clients attire and ready to wear at the next wedding or day at the races.

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A work of art that happens to be worn on your head is the best way to describe the creations of milliner Diana Cavagnaro. Diana is a national celebrity whose credits include numerous appearances on television, as well as articles in newspapers and magazines discussing the art of millinery, fashion, and hat making. Diana’s creations have adorned the heads of many stars, celebrities, and socialites. Many of her designs are made for her customers who attend the Kentucky Derby, the Royal Ascot and Dubai.

• 4 creative online video lessons
• Unlimited lifetime Lesson access on any modern device
• Learn to make complete hats and headpieces 
• 3½ hours of comprehensive video tuition


Learn to block and fabric cover a buckram dome crown to then complement a shaped buckram brim. Learn the technical skills of drafting a flat pattern for this sloped brim and then cover smoothly with fabric. Diana instructs you how to edge the brim with a variety of options and then how to complete your hat with a lining and headband. 

Lesson Modules:
• Blocking And Pattern Making • Covering With Fabric 
• Petersham And Binding Options • Joining Crown To Brim & Lining

Master milliner Diana Cavagnaro teaches you how to perfectly cover a simple buckram base which is then trimmed, lined and stabilised with elastic and comb to sit securely on the head. All the necessary hand stitching is explained to enable you to create the always popular fascinator for the races or next special event. 

Lesson Modules:
• Fabric Covered Base • Lining Fascinator 
• Trimming And Securing 
Diana Cavagnaro has mastered how to make a Boater Hat without using blocks. Her detailed instruction on how to make a flat pattern for both the flat tip crown and the brim will enable you to construct a sturdy buckram frame for both crown and brim. Using selected fabric to cover this hat gives so many options which your clients will love to co-ordinate with their outfit. 

Lesson Modules:
• Flat Pattern Making • Buckram Crown Fabric Covered 
• Wired Brim Fabric Covered • Combining Crown & Brim + Lining

Understanding types of Felts and how felt is manufactured is detailed by your tutor Diana Cavagnaro before you commence blocking a felt hood with a turned up brim. Diana teaches you how to block the crown and brim all in one using a flange brim. After you have made the lining learn how to attach the head band by machining inside the crown which is a great time saving method.  

Lesson Modules:
• Blocking Crown With Flange Brim • Stiffening & Lining 
• Add Head Band By Machining

A Rendezvous With Hats


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