Millinery Courses

Learn how to use a variety of materials to make creative headwear for your next millinery collection. Grow your millinery creativity by learning with millinery courses online. Receive a selection of comprehensive video lessons on how to make complete hats with dozens of techniques.

Hats For Dolls & Bears Course
Creative Crinoline Guest Course
Ribbonwork Guest Course
Distressed Felt Hats Guest Course
Fish Leather Millinery Guest Course
Millinery Turbans Deluxe Course
Sculpted Millinery Deluxe Course
Bespoke Block Making Deluxe Course
Foam Hat Blocks Deluxe Course
Millinery Business Series: Foundations
Leather Millinery Deluxe Course
Percher Hats Deluxe Course
Leather Flower Crowns Deluxe Course
Eva Foam Flowers Guest Course
Blocked Crowns Deluxe Course
Veiled Crowns Deluxe Course
Leather Flowers Deluxe Course
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