Millinery Courses

Learn how to use a variety of materials to make creative headwear for your next millinery collection. Grow your millinery creativity by learning with millinery courses online. Receive a selection of comprehensive video lessons on how to make complete hats with dozens of techniques.

Handcrafted Flowers Course
$174.16 AUD
Handfelted Creations Course
$202.48 AUD
Tinting Millinery Course
$116.45 AUD
Hats For Dolls & Bears Course
$108.23 AUD
Percher Hats Deluxe Course
$202.48 AUD
Eva Foam Flowers Guest Course
$152.18 AUD
Leather Flower Crowns Deluxe Course
$108.23 AUD
Blocked Crowns Deluxe Course
$108.23 AUD
Veiled Crowns Deluxe Course
$108.23 AUD
Leather Flowers Deluxe Course
$202.48 AUD
Gift Card
$25.00 AUD