Percher Hats Deluxe Course

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Percher hats are a favoured styling with their exclusive shaping and sensational trims which add height and elegance. Master Milliner and tutor Rebecca Share is excited to teach all her unique techniques throughout this Course. You will understand how to create outstanding Fashion On The Field styles that are securely positioned on the wearer with a customised band. 

Whether you make 3D or Ring block hats Rebecca provides a variety of design opportunities to make your piece a standout sensation on your clients special day. Creating lightweight Swiss braid trims will complement you percher hats with options to style your design.

  • 4 creative on-demand video tutorials / Lessons D18 - D21
  • Unlimited lifetime Lesson access on desktop, tablet, mobile
  • Learn to make complete hats & trims with dozens of techniques
  • 5+ hours of comprehensive video tuition
  • Correspondence with tutor to answer lesson questions
  • 15% discount on total lesson cost

Millinery Supplies - Discounted material kit for this course.
Hat Blocks - Recommended basic hat blocks

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