Learn how to use a variety of materials to make creative headwear for your next millinery collection.

Buntal Caps & Berets Deluxe Course
$95.58 AUD
Origami Halos Live Lesson
Regular price $39.95 AUD
Signature Feather Flowers Deluxe Course
$156.06 AUD
Millinery Turbans Deluxe Course
$95.58 AUD
Contemporary Tailored Hats Deluxe Course
$95.06 AUD
Bespoke Feathers Deluxe Course
$145.26 AUD
Stitched Berets Live Lesson
$40.00 AUD
French Flower Making Course
Regular price $129.00 AUD
Handcrafted Flowers Course
Regular price $175.00 AUD
Creative Crinoline Guest Course
$102.06 AUD
Tinting Millinery Course
Regular price $129.00 AUD
Hats For Dolls & Bears Course
Regular price $115.00 AUD
Fish Leather Millinery Guest Course
$95.58 AUD
Sculpted Millinery Deluxe Course
$95.58 AUD
Ribbonwork Guest Course
$71.42 AUD
Leather Flowers Deluxe Course
$174.50 AUD