Silk Flowers Guest Tutor Course

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Silk flower artist, Elena Bain, is your Guest Tutor demonstrating Japanese techniques to make strikingly beautiful silk flowers and leaves. Elena is excited to share her skills with you to enable you to create a beautiful richly toned orchid, an exquisitely delicate peony and natural leaves. All creations are hand coloured and wired in these detailed videos. You will be delighted with the results from each lesson to embellish your latest hat or headpiece. 

  • 3 creative on-demand video tutorials / Lessons G04 - G06
  • Unlimited lifetime Lesson access on desktop, tablet, mobile
  • Learn to make complete trims with dozens of techniques
  • 3+ hours of comprehensive video tuition
  • 10% discount on total lesson cost

Millinery Supplies - Tools and materials for this course.

Guest Tutor lessons are produced by an independent party and are complete in teaching delivery and support. Lessons are presentation only without verbal instructions. A supplied pdf outlines extra information.