Blocked Crowns Deluxe Course

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In this course Rebecca Share teaches you how to give this classic regal headwear a more contemporary feel. You will learn the most effective way to master blocked crown designs to give your new collection variations of styling and embellishment.
    • 2 online video lessons
    • Unlimited lesson access
    • 2 hours of video tuition

    Blocked Crowns Deluxe Course

    Contemporary Crowns
    Create contemporary crowns as Rebecca Share details all her proven blocking* and embellishment techniques in this lesson. Learn two styles of crowns blocked using different materials to give exclusive design concepts for your clientele.
    *Single sided

    Lesson Modules:
    • Straw Foundation • Wire & Cover Base • Perspex Trim & Wire Band • Curvette Style
    Wing Crowns
    Rebecca Share has personally designed these Wing Crowns to give your headwear a more sensational eye catching appeal. In this lesson you will learn her proven techniques* to ensure your headpiece is constructed to maintain shape and stability.

    Lesson Modules:
    • Foundation Preparation • Covering Shape • Wiring Frame • Wire Band And Base


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