Tinting Millinery Course

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Colours are very important in our lives as they directly influence our emotions. Learn a variety of tinting techniques to add a fresh uniqueness to your millinery range. Unleash the creative artist within whether you are tinting millinery flowers, adding patterns to straw or transforming trims into a kaleidoscope of colour.


  • 3 creative on-demand video tutorials / Lessons 42 - 44
  • Unlimited lifetime Lesson access on desktop, tablet, mobile
  • Learn to tint hats & trims with dozens of techniques
  • 4+ hours of comprehensive video tuition
  • Correspondence with tutor to answer lesson questions
  • 35% discount on total lesson cost

42 - Tinting Silk Flowers 
Using this unique non-toxic colouring system you will bring living colour to your floral trims on your millinery headpieces and hats. These tinting fundamentals teach you the the basics to use these colours & are essential as it has both the properties of a dye and a paint. This lesson teaches you to tint your flowers made in the French Flower Course by learning several tinting techniques to add texture to the flowers appearance and tint completed stiffened flowers and commercial flowers.

43 - Tinting Straws 

Straws no longer need to be plain and monotonous as you learn to tint and pattern to all straws whether parisisal, silk abaca, panamas or sinamay. You are the artist with a freedom to create your unique designs and colour combinations. Play with the colour by applying heliography or floral colourful sketching to bring new life to your millinery styling.

44 - Tinting Millinery Components

Tint your materials including crinoline, veiling and even polyester lace or braid to make a dynamic difference. Learn how to seal the edge of single layered silk abaca to allow you to cut and mould various flower petal shapes into uniquely colour tinted flowers for your hats. Finally tint butterflies and feathers to give a complimentary colourful touch to your new headwear design.

Liquid Radiance is a concentrated range of liquid colours for use on all white or light coloured fabrics ranging from silks and other natural fibres through to 100% synthetic and polyester blends.

Liquid Radiance Colours are non toxic, simple, safe and economical. Concentrated colours are diluted with water.

Kit Contents:

1x Red
1x Blue
1x Yellow
1x Green
1x Magenta
5x Dispenser bottles
5x Dispenser cap