Bespoke Feathers Deluxe Course

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Give your feathers a fresh vitality and make a bold statement as you add a new dimension to your next headwear collection. Master milliner and educator, Ian Bennett of London has mastered feathers as an art and sculptural form. Learn all his detailed techniques on how to add colour variation or reshape each feather for a dramatic look. Ian will also teach you all his intriguing tried and proven methods on how to add floating feathers to your headwear that will excite your customer.

  • 3 creative on-demand video tutorials / Lessons D28 - D30
  • Unlimited lifetime Lesson access on desktop, tablet, mobile
  • Learn to make complete trims with dozens of techniques
  • 4+ hours of comprehensive video tuition
  • Correspondence with tutor to answer lesson questions
  • 10% discount on total lesson cost

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