Millinery Essentials Course

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Master the art of millinery. Bring your ideas to life with comprehensive millinery techniques to extend your repertoire and develop a range of creative styles. Refresh your skills or learn something new as you join Master Milliner Elaine Mergard with over 50 years of hat making experience. With such a diversity of headwear on offer you are established to market your headwear collection.

Basic Brims

Crowns Simply

Binding With Variety

Binding Wide

Connecting & Banding

Bows As Trim

Feather Shaping

Working With Loops

Redesign Feathers

Insert, Shot Brims

Linings For All Occasions

Pleat, Inlay Brims

Embroidery Brims

Fabric Cover Brims

Cut & Curl Brims

Adding Extensions

Double Brim Techniques

Buckram Crowns

Crown Methods

Felt Hats Basics

Basic Felt Trim Ideas

Customise Basic Blocks

Fascinators & Headpieces

Pillbox Hats

Cocktail Hats


Parisisal Hats

Crinoline Brims

Leaf Trims

Fabric Covered Flat Crowns

Fabric Covered Dome Crown

Swathed Crown & Brim
• 32 creative online video Lessons 1-30 + 45-46 ( Fundamental / Classic / Tailored Courses )
Unlimited lifetime lesson access on any modern device or browser
• Learn to make complete hats and trims with over 100 techniques
17+ hours of comprehensive video tuition
• Correspondence with tutor to answer lesson questions

Included new features...

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Only $17 per lesson.
Linings For All Occasions and Customise Basic Blocks lessons to expand your craftsmanship.
Receive a Certificate of Completion by fulfilling the set criteria for this course.
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